An intense journey in taste


The L’e.V. Olio is a tasting trip into the world of high quality extra virgin olive oil, fruity,bitter and spicy.

A unique and exclusive gift for your gourmet friends.

Discover the 4 types of oil: light, medium, intense and balanced a hightening of sensations which give harmony and taste to your dishes.

Harmony on the table

Bring design, quality and well-being to your table!

The bottles of l’E.V. Olio in stainless steel with a wood top give a unique touch to your table and maintain the nutritional and organic properties of the oil intact to ensure that taste and smell are constant in time.

Ideal as a gift
Perfect for your home

Luxurious and acknowledged packaging

The elegant packaging of “L’ e.v.Olio box“, got an Honorable Mention in the category “Gift oils”, “Forme dell’Olio-2018” contest.

The main idea of the contest, conceived by Olio Officina and now at its fifth edition, is that the quality of an extra virgin olive oil is also expressed through the visual design and functionality of its containers. This philosophy is supported and followed by L’e.v.Olio with its stainless steel bottles, the perfect outfit for a product of excellence.

LevOlio menzione d'onore le forme dell'olio

Do you own a business?

Discover the benefits of a unique and customized gift for you. A tasting experience of extra virgin olive oils from Maremma Toscana, a sophisticated selection tailored for tasting experts.

Customized gifts
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  • free shipment in Italy
  • limited production, every box is numbered by hand
  • Exclusively designed bottle in stainless steel
  • 100% all Italian