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At all began fifteen years ago, a love of nature and an encounter with a spellbound place gave way to this adventure. It wasn’t easy, even if I had done naturalistic studies, to cultivate an olive grove The five hectares of secular plants look over a small valley with steep slopes and a marvellous view but really add to the difficulty of cultivation. Every drop of oil is gold for all the love and fatigue that goes into its production. To share joy and pain with other women was natural. Yes we come from different situations but this difficult and beautiful land unites us.


After graduating in Economics from the University of Florence, I began to work in my family’s agricultural company. Since then I have dedicated myself entirely to extra virgin olive oil.

I have always thought that a central role in ‘family agriculture’ should be recognised as it is fundamental in the production of food and in the promotion of a sustainable life which respects the earth. Not only has my objective always been that of gaining a high standard of quality in the production of extra virgin olive oil and to manage this in a dynamic and innovative way but also to let the public discover a traditional element which explores forgotten senses and tastes.


If anyone had told me 20 years ago that I would be feeling so much better with my hands covered in dirt, my back bent over an olive mill and my eyes scrutinizing the bottom of a wine barrel I would have died laughing!

To go from chaotic Milan and a life full of social and work commitments to the quiet and placid Maremma was however a dream and an immense privilege.

The smell of the earth and its fruits, the uncomparable dawns and sunsets, the taste of natural biological foods just picked, listening to the roe deer which timidly is moving towards the lawn in front of the house these are sensations that we all should try in our life. They pay back all the hardwork and adversity that only a rich and difficult land like Maremma gives you.


Born and bred in Milan and mother of three children I followed my husband to Maremma a dream he had had for a long time. This change although positive was also very difficult. Our land has many olive trees, a good part of them secular, and bit by bit I became passionate about this wonderful product which these marvellous trees give us. With three girlfriends we decided to go down this road in order to share our passion, experience and all the love we put into this, with you.