Olives dominate the hilly countryside of this ancient land, witness to a tradition handed down by the Etruscans.

This is confirmed by the temperate climate which has a splendid view of the sea.

A sea which is the backdrop for wonderful sunsets which accentuate the sometime freezing winters and the hot summers. From the sea to Monte Amiata, an ancient volcano, we have wonderful spellbounding scenery.

The cultivation of olives, still tied to tradition, is now renewed in production techniques.

The very different cultivation from the plains to the mountains is the character of the Maremma oil which is a territory as yet uncontaminated and wild.

Maremma cooking

Tuscan cooking proposes simple but tasty and perfumed recipes tied to the farmers traditions. It is based on simple ingredients such as wild salad leaves, beans, cereals and game.

Bread which contains no salt and extra virgin olive oil and the main ingredients.  This is seen in the infinite variety of soups and old dishes like ribolita (reboiled soup) panzanella (a bread dish) and pappa al pomodory (a tomato and bread dish).

Maremma keeps itself apart from Florence and Siena as it is a territory apart.

Bread and oil are never lacking and still today during the pressing period the best way to appreciate the new oil with its perfume and taste is on a bruschetta(toasted bread with oil.)

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